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Non Certificate Programs

Whereas BTI certificates, existing for the moment through the consortium in areas of International Mission and Ecumenism and Religion and Conflict Transformation, additional areas are under development and in process of organization through the schools in association with the consortium. 

Together with and through its constituent schools, the Boston Theological Institute shares in offering certificates in several areas of study. These are either offered through the member schools or through the consortium together with the appropriate constituent school in some creative but appropriate pattern.

The very fact of the existence of the consortium opens up certificates of study to all BTI students regardless of the school of derivation. This possibility is envisioned in the BTI Mission Statement that affirms the work of the consortium to “harness our collective resources to advance ecumenical relations, model good stewardship, strengthen our teaching and research, and more fully engage our community and the world.” (See the BTI Mission Statement on this website.)  

Non certificate programs exist in many areas. The BTI sponsors 1) Programs, 2) Supports activities in the schools and 3) Endorses events and activities appropriate to our constituency. As suggested by the BTI Trustees, these three categories indicate a descending degree of financial and time commitment by the BTI office and its operations. The degree of sponsorship depends upon the number of supporting schools and centrality of programming to BTI identity and shared commitments.

Characterized by much pedagogical fluidity, examples of non certificate programming include the following:

  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Science and Religion
  • Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Liturgy, Worship and the Arts
  • Prison Ministry
  • Religion and Ecology
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Theology and the Arts
  • Transformative and restorative justice,


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