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Conference: Tradition, Secularization, Fundamentalism

The Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University, NY Thursday, June 23-Saturday, June 25 Location: Fordham University School of Law, 150 W. 62nd St. (between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues), New York City

While the very meaning of the “secular” remains contested, Christians globally are self-identifying in different ways in relation to an imagined secularization, all the while discerning how to live as a tradition. This intersection between tradition, secularization, and fundamentalism is especially evident in both post-Communist Catholic/Orthodox countries and the American context, where fundamentalist-like responses have emerged against the perceived threat of the secular.

The conference will feature keynote lectures by: 
Vigen Guroian, University of Virginia
R. Scott Appleby, University of Notre Dame
Graham Ward, Oxford University

Other speakers include:
Nikolaos Asproulis, Volos Academy for Theological Studies
Brandon Gallaher, University of Exeter
Paul Griffiths, Duke Divinity School
Rev. Oliver Herbel, Military Chaplain
Edith M. Humphrey, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Slavica Jakelić, Valparaiso University
Nadieszda Kizenko, SUNY Albany
Wendy Mayer, Australian Catholic University
Brenna Moore, Fordham University
Darlene Fozard Weaver, Duquesne University


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