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Cross Registration

Admissions and financial aid are handled separately by each of the member schools. Course credits and degrees are awarded by the member schools, not by the Boston Theological Institute. All admissions and course registration matters are handled by the school of the student’s primary registration. All courses listed in the BTI Course Catalogue must be applied for via the school of primary registration. The vast majority of the courses listed in the catalogue are open to all of the participating schools, but are often subject to enrollment limitations or prerequisites as determined by the school where the course is given. Be sure to note these.

Academic credits for work taken at other BTI schools will be credited to the student by the home school registrar.

How to Cross-Register

1. Decide which course(s) you wish to take within the possibilities open to you in your program and at your school. By using the index of the paper format of the Course Catalogue you can easily identify the course, its faculty and school. Each BTI school has its own internal schedule so be sure to check when a course begins and ends by referring to the inside front cover of this booklet. 
2. Some courses have limits on the number of internal or external registrants permitted. Be sure to consult with the faculty instructor of the course to see if it is open to you. 
3. Go to your home school registrar to determine eligibility and to get the proper form for a course to be taken at a host school. 
4. Bring the form to the host school’s registrar to be completed and signed. 
5. Return the completed form to your home school’s registrar.

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