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Different Drummers:
Daring to Make Peace in the MidEast

"Michalczyk succeeds in deflating conventional stereotypes about Israelis and Muslims. [The] film is informative, even-handed and never didactic. [This] documentarian is just trying to make a better world." --Chris Bergeron, MetroWest Daily News

"Different Drummers: Daring to Make Peace in the MidEast" (2003). This documentary is a one-hour portrait of several Israeli peacemakers who provoke others to join their voices for peace and justice. Well-known Palestinians briefly reply to their concerns.

"The American media have portrayed Israel as a country scarred by the violence of suicide bombers, demolitions and collective punishments," says Michalczyk.

"The human rights issues unfortunately, appear to fade into the background. Despite the atmosphere of 'terror' that hovers over both Palestinian and Israeli, there are Israeli voices heard over the din that cry out for a just and lasting peace."
The film premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in November, 2003.

Available through “The Cinema Guild,” 130 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016; Telephone: 1.800.723.5522; Fax: 212.685.4717. Student discounts ($34.95/copy); call for special church and non-profit pricing.

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