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Conflict Resolution Films

Since World War Two, hundreds of conflicts have developed world-wide because of racial, political, or religious issues….Rwanda, Darfur, Kashmir, Ivory Coast, to name but a few. Each side has its own history and perspective, whether it was the Native Americans and the American government in the 1800’s or the white and black populations of the Apartheid period in South Africa. Tensions arise when one party fails to see and respect alternative views and considers the opposite party as “The Other.”

The Boston Theological Institute, in association with Etoile Productions (under the direction of Boston College Fine Arts Professor John Michalczyk, co-director of the university's Film Studies Program,Documentary Filmmaker, Fine Arts Professor & Film Studies Program Co-Director, Boston College) has produced a series of documentaries on religion and conflict resolution in world trouble spots. The series focuses on Northern Ireland, the Balkans, South Africa and the Middle East. The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego screened all four conflict resolution films and conducted discussions in April, 2003. They have been shown on public television nationally. They are useful for college and seminary classroom and in churches or other settings where issues of religion and conflict are of interest.

Conflict Resolution Series

 Out of AshesL Northern Irelanda's Fragile Peace

Out of the Ashes: Northern Ireland’s Fragile Peace (1998)
For thirty years, “The Troubles” have caused rifts between Catholics and Protestants, Loyalists and Nationalists, resulting in close to 3,500 deaths prior to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

 Prelude to Kosovo

Prelude to Kosovo: War and Peace in Bosnia and Croatia (1999)
In the wake of the Balkan conflict (1992-1995), citizens unite to move toward reconciliation and justice, and not revenge.

Beyond Miracle: South Africa Conflict

South Africa: Beyond a Miracle (2001)
Although the scaffold of Apartheid may still exist, charismatic leaders struggle to find reconciliation, despite high crime, AIDS and unemployment.

Daring to Make Peace in MidEast

Different Drummers: Daring to Make Peace in the MidEast (2003)
Five Israeli peace activists propose their ideas to bring peace and stability to a fragmented region, while several noted Palestinians respond to these hopes.

The series “Religion and Conflict” is available through “The Cinema Guild,” the coordinates of which are indicated together with each item below. Some additional films, not directly a part of this series, are available through the Boston Theological Institute. Indication of this will also be noted at the end of the description of the films as listed below.

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