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What We do

The BTI offers a range of unique resources for students who attend member schools.  BUT WHAT DO WE ACTUALLY DO? 

  • CROSS-REGISTRATION: The BTI manages the cross-registration of students. While there is a wealth of resources available to students by just being a part of the BTI, our day to day business is promoting cross-registration and finding ways to partner with students in furthering their education. Cross-registration is a free resource that allows students to choose from 500+ courses and 400+ professors from 10 schools. The BTI manages the registration process and communicates available courses to students as they become available.
  • CERTIFICATES: We also offer two certificate programs, the Religion and Conflict Transformation certificate and the International Mission and Ecumenism certificate. Part of the mission of the BTI is to advance intentional collaborations between schools and to increase interreligious learning. These certificates are housed in one or more of our schools, but the requirements can be fulfilled by combining classes from all of our schools. Check out the "Certificates" page for more information.
  • STUDENT CONFERENCES: The BTI Consortium partners with student conferences through funding and promotion. Check out the "Student Conferences" tab for more information and to see examples of conferences we have supported in the past.