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BTI Mission

The Boston Theological Institute (BTI) is an association of ten university divinity schools, schools of theology and seminaries in the Greater Boston area, registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. It is one of the oldest and largest theological consortia in the world. Its ten schools represent Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Nonsectarian, Protestant, and Roman Catholic traditions. The student bodies are comprised of over 30 religious traditions and denominations drawn from countries around the world. The work of the consortium is to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of resources between the theological schools and seminaries as well as to advance interreligious and ecumenical learning among them.

The Fall 2015 BTI course catalogue will be online by the end of July.

Happenings at Member Schools:

Andover Newton and Hebrew College launch new Master's Degree Specialization in Interfaith Leadership!


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