Welcome to BTI cross-registration! On this page you can find the tools to get started registering for classes at other BTI member schools. Cross-registration is only open to students currently enrolled in a BTI member school. The best news is that it is completely free! If you are looking for the course catalog, click on the "Course Catalogue" button below. The catalogue is constantly updated with the most current offerings available and is a searchable PDF available for download. Once you have selected a course, you are ready to begin the registration process. The Cross-Registration form exists on the BTI Portal. In order to gain access to the BTI Portal, you must fill out the New Student Registration form below for new students. Once you have submitted the form, your information and eligibility is confirmed by your home registrar and a BTI Portal account is created for you by the BTI. Once you have received an approval email and you have received your BTI Portal credentials, you are ready to fill out the Cross-Registration form on the portal. All confirmation and approval emails will come to the email address that is provided in the New Student Registration form. Students who have used the BTI Portal previously can go straight to the portal and submit the cross-registration form. BTI Portal credentials can be re-used every semester.

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The Course Catalogue is a searchable PDF available for download that includes the most current course listings for each BTI member school. View and download the Spring 2019 catalogue by clicking on the button below. Make sure you are familiar with start and add/drop dates by seeing important semester dates below. 




If you have used the portal in previous semesters or already have a portal account, then follow the button below to the portal. If you have not filled out the New Student Registration form and obtained portal credentials from the BTI office, then you will not be able to access the portal. 

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New Students

Cross-registration with the BTI requires the completion two forms, the New Student Registration form (found below) and the Cross-Registration form (found on the Portal). The New Student Registration form is the first step towards gaining access to the portal and the Cross-Registration form. When the form is submitted, your information is sent to your home registrar and to the BTI. The BTI will then create a portal account for you that can be re-used each semester. Your portal credentials will be sent to your school email address 2-3 business days after completing the form. Your home registrar will confirm the accuracy of the provided information and check student eligibility for cross-registration. Once you are approved by your registrar, an email notification will be sent to your school email address. You need BOTH a portal account AND registrar approval to Cross-Register. The portal credentials give you access to the cross-registration form. However, you cannot submit the cross-registration form until you have been approved by your home registrar and have received the confirmation email. Once you have filled out and submitted the cross-registration form on the portal, you are ready to go! 

*DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM if you already have a portal account or have received one in the past.   

New Student Registration Form

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